How to Best Identify Destination Wedding Photographers

If you are newly engaged and been looking for a destination-wedding-photographer, you have surely heard about them. They sound mysterious, alluring and almost famous just from those three words – destination wedding photographers. But what is a destination wedding photographer and is there any difference between them and someone who is not a destination wedding photographer? I have listed a few points below on the additional skill sets a destination photographer will possess.

– First of all, a destination wedding photographer is someone who will travel with you, either in your own country or abroad to photograph your wedding. With this being the case, most of them will have a valid passport and are familiar with TSA rules governing flights (In the US) to make sure they can bring all of their equipment safely and securely with them.

– Destination photographers are well versed in traveling for business purposes, something that can be difficult and daunting to the uninitiated. Many countries require special permits and visas if you are entering a country for the purpose of work. This experience and knowledge is crucial because foreign countries have and will turn away wedding photographers at customs if they do not have the appropriate permissions and documentation.

– Performing well under adverse conditions is the realm of all wedding photographers. However, traveling for a wedding adds an additional complication – traveling light. A photographer cannot do their job without their equipment and trying to fly a full studio setup is both complicated and expensive. Destination wedding photographers have the adaptability and knowledge with how to do more with less. While some equipment is, of course, necessary, being able to pack lightly while still maintaining a margin of safety for backup cameras, spare batteries and image storage facilities is where the experience, again, really comes through.

– Destination photographers will not have the luxury, most times, to see the facility before arriving for the wedding. While performing a site survey is crucial, there is rarely the option to purchase a piece of needed equipment to deal with a certain scenario, so creativity, flexibility and experience are very necessary traits to look for in your photographer.

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7 Reasons Why a Destination Wedding Could Be Your Ideal Choice For a Second Marriage

Second marriages, or even third, are not uncommon these days, in fact four out of ten weddings are now second time around marriages and many brides are now choosing to step outside the traditional ceremony and look for a new and special way to begin their new relationship. After all you now know who you are and what you want and are no longer influenced by parents as you may well have been the first time you tied the knot.

So why consider a destination wedding:-

A destination wedding in a romantic tropical location will be something totally different from your previous wedding and well away from ex-wife’s or husbands and locations associated with your past relationship.
Destination weddings are generally much more informal and allow you to really let your imagination run wild. Hold the ceremony on a tropical beach with coco palms and the blue ocean as a perfect backdrop or amid the exotic flowers in a garden. Choose your own wedding vows to really personalize the ceremony and set your own theme for the whole event.
Most destination wedding venues provide the services of a wedding planner or co-ordinator leaving you free of all the stress associated with planning your special day. You just arrive at your chosen resort with everything arranged for you so you are free to relax and enjoy the company of your guests who have joined you to celebrate the start of your new life.
Frequently second weddings tend to be smaller more intimate occasions with a more select guest list of close family and friends. Those who really want to wish you well and do not harbour old or mixed feelings and want to join with you in celebrating the start of your new life and what better than to join you in a perfect tropical setting.
Combining your wedding with a honeymoon surrounded by your close family, friends and often your children removes the need to organise someone to look after children while you jet off after the wedding leaving them behind.
Where there are children involved, as there frequently are, the relaxed holiday atmosphere of a destination wedding helps to build relationships with the new family members. The children can be involved in the ceremony as ring bearers, flower girls, or ushers ensuring their participation in the beginning of the new family arrangements. Where the children are young most good destination venues will offer child care facilities ensuring you are able to enjoy those intimate moments with your new partner confident that the children are being properly cared for, looked after and entertained.
Memories of your wedding day are there forever in the photographs and videos taken during the ceremony and reception by your wedding photographer and by your guests in a destination wedding location offers the most colourful and romantic settings possible for these treasured reminiscences.
Destination weddings were once upon a time only for celebrities, or the rich and famous, but with many countries, such as the Dominican Republic, easing the procedures for marriages for non residents there are now endless possibilities with many private villas and resorts offering destination wedding packages at affordable prices.

If this is your second chance at love and finding happiness for the rest of your life shouldn’t your celebrate in real style. You deserve the best and a destination wedding in a tropical paradise is the perfect way to begin your new life together.

Adrian Head is Marketing and Events Director at Island Villa Weddings located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

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